Dress Code 2024-25

Dance is about fun and discipline.  Part of the discipline of dance is to be properly attired.  When a teacher cannot see a student’s body working, they cannot make corrections that will ultimately help the student. 

Dress code is strictly enforced beginning the third week of classes. 

ALL CLASSES: No jewelry, other than small stud earrings. No street shoes worn outside studio (to protect our floors). Girls hair must be neat and secured away from the face in a bun for ballet or ponytail for other classes.  Headbands may be used for shorter hair. 

  • EARLY DANCE DIVISION: Black or Pink solid color leotard or dance dress, pink tights, optional black dance shorts may be worn over tights in pre-tap or hippity-hop. Pink split-sole ballet slippers for ballet or creative movement, tan or black buckle tap shoes for tap. Clean sneakers for hippity-hop (used for dance class only).
  • BALLET: Solid Black leotard. Ballet pink transition tights. Pink split sole leather or canvas ballet slippers. Hair MUST be secured away from the face in a neat bun.
  • POINTE & PRE POINTE: Same as ballet, pink Pointe shoes (approved by instructor)
  • TAP:   Any solid color leotard or top, black dance shorts or leggings.  Black FULL SOLE oxford style tap shoes.
  • MODERN or CONTEMPORARY: Plain solid color leotard, biketard, or bra top, black dance shorts or leggings, bare feet or “dance socks.” T-shirt should be worn for floor work.
  • JAZZ: Any solid color leotard, biketard or top. Plain Black dance shorts or black leggings, black or tan slip-on jazz shoes.
  • LYRICAL: Same as jazz dress code. Tan 1/2 sole shoe or barefoot.
  • MUSICAL THATER: Same as jazz dress code.  Instructor will specify shoe style.  Heels may be needed to be purchased during a recital year.
  • HIP HOP: Loose fitting clothing is fine, but NO JEANS. Sneakers must be clean to protect our floors.
  • BOYS: White crew neck fitted shirt (W1560), Capezio black footed tights (10361m or 10361b) and black ballet shoes for ballet. Older boys may need to wear a Dance Belt (Capezio (5935 or 5935y), Black sweat pants or shorts (W1559) may be worn for tap, jazz or modern. T-shirt and loose-fitting pants for hip hop.