Elite Dance Program (EDP)

Pre-professional Training Program

EDP provides a comprehensive training curriculum for dancers ages 7-18 with classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary and a variety of other techniques to create a well-rounded and versatile dancer. The focus is on technique, artistry, performance, and instilling in dancers the work ethic and commitment they need to succeed in a college or arts program, as well as in the professional world.  The goal is an expressive, well-rounded, versatile dancer.  EDP students’ work with experienced teachers and guest artists, which exposes the students to varied teaching and choreographic styles.

This group requires a high level of commitment, a passion for dance, hard work, and a drive for self- improvement, and is primarily for those students who want to take their performance of dance to a much higher level. The program not only develops children into well-rounded dancers, but also enhances and boosts self-esteem, perseverance, social skills, academic achievement and a healthy lifestyle.

Participation in this program requires a serious commitment from both the student and his or her family. Students will be considered for acceptance into the Elite Dance Program when it is felt that they have the technical ability physical strength and performance quality required for competitive dance. They must also have shown that they have the discipline and determination to commit to a serious dance program.

Make sure being a part of this program is the right decision for your child and your family! A stressed out and over-extended child is an unhappy child. Information can be the key to a calmer and productive experience, so please take the time to read and understand the expectations!


Dancers ages 7 and up are eligible for this program based on audition and/or director recommendation.  Progression into and within EDP depends on the skill of the dancer and his/her ability to consistently demonstrate the correct alignment, strong technique, and ability to take corrections necessary to move efficiently and safely.  (All ages as of November 1st)

Level of Commitment:

Students must commit to taking all of their classes. Dancers are allowed three unexcused absents per season. Unexcused absents do not include times your child is sick or pre- approved (by Director). (Give at least 1 week notice).

All students auditioning for the EDP must be current on tuition. NO EXCEPTIONS! EDP students register for the full year (September – June) and should be prepared to commit themselves for this entire period of time.Students must be able to handle being corrected and evaluated.

All dancers must arrive 10 minutes before class and be ready to go when the class starts. Enter the class with a positive attitude ready to work hard and aspire to inspire your classmates.

Rehearsals and choreography days are mandatory! Above unexcused absences cannot be used on choreography days. These days are usually the only day that an outside choreographer can come into town. If you can’t make it to these practices you will be removed from the piece.

Dance MUST be your number one priority. Other sport conflicts will not be tolerated.

Solos (MADC ONLY), duet/trios and Small group pieces will be offered to dancers at the discretion of the Artistic Director.


The Elite Dance Program is organized in “packages” which provide the recommended minimum number of classes per week for each level. EDP dancers may choose electives allowing them to build a focus in a particular discipline, according to teacher recommendation, aptitude and interest.



The following is a list of package requirements for each EDP level.

Mini Elite Beg/Int (ages 7-9 )

  • 45-minute Ballet class
  • 45-minute Jazz class
  • 30-minute Tap class
  • 30-minute Hip Hop class (optional)

Tuition: $135

Junior Elite Beg/Int (ages 10-12)

  • 60-minute Ballet class
  • 30-minute Pre-Pointe class
  • 60-minute Jazz class
  • Choose two free electives of your choice
  • 45-minute Contemporary/Lyrical class
  • 45-minute Tap class
  • 45-minute Hip Hop class
  • extra electives discounted to $25 each per month

Tuition: $225

Mack Elite Int (ages 11-13)

  • 60-minute Jazz class
  • 75-minute Ballet/Technique class
  • 60-minute Ballet Technique class
  • 30-minute Pre Pointe class
  • 60-minute Contemporary/Lyrical class
  • Choose two free electives of your choice
  • 45-minute Hip Hop
  • 45-minute Tap class
  • Floor Barre Class (when rehearsals are not running
  • extra electives discounted to $25 each per month

Tuition: $250

Advanced (ages 14-18)

  • 75-minute Ballet class
  • 60- minute Ballet class
  • 30-minute Pointe class
  • 60-minute Jazz class
  • 60-minute Contemporary/Lyrical class
  • 45-minute Hip Hop class
  • 90-minute Company Class
  • Choose one free elective of your choice
  • 45-minute Improvisation/Partnering class
  • 45-minute Tap class
  • extra electives discounted to $25 each per month

Tuition: $290

EDP Dress Code:

No jewelry, other than small stud earrings.  Girls hair must be neat and secured away from the face in a neat bun or tight ponytail.  Headbands may be used for shorter hair.

For Ballet class, female dancers should wear a simple style camisole leotard (Eurotard #10527, #10527c, Capezio CC102, or a similiar style in their division color. For all other disciplines they may choose any style leotard, bra top, or unitard etc. in their assigned color.

No street clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants etc) other than Hip Hop. Dance shorts, capri or leggings must be plain black dance brands. No logos!






Tuition includes 9 months of regular tuition (September 20th, 2021-June 18th, 2022)

Not included: shoes, tights, dancewear, costumes, accessories, make-up, travel, solo, duo-trio or small group choreography or solo, duo/trio or small group competition entrance fees, convention fees, summer boot camps or intensives

There will be a $15 per month Competition Team Admin. Fee charged per dancer, per month or $135 per year. This fee covers the cost of extra rehearsals, teachers costs during competition weekends, costume ordering and organizing fees.  Any extra expenses not charged or paid for during the season.

All students applying for the EDP must be current on tuition.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  EDP students register for the full year (Sept.-June) and should be prepared to commit themselves for this entire period of time.  Students must be able to handle being corrected and evaluated.

Solo, duet/trios and small group pieces will be offered to dancers at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

Discount: 5% discount if paid in full by September 1st.

Family Discount: There is a discount for multiple family members participating in the program.

 *Installment Plan: nine equal payments, with first and last payment due at registration. The remaining seven installments are due on the first of each month beginning on October 1st. A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed on the fifth of each month in which payment is delinquent.



The Pre-Professional Program at Mack Avenue Dance Center prepares dedicated and passionate dancers ages 7-18 for a career in the Dance Arts. Pre-professionals participate in a rigorous training program and performance ensembles (MADC) to learn necessary skills that prepare them for entry into a university dance program and/or professional dance company. Classes are designed to train the Pre-Professional in areas of technique, artistic development, production and choreography.

Additionally, Pre-Professionals attend specialty workshops, working with industry professionals.   Graduates of the program have entered some of the most prestigiousams across the nation, including those at the Juilliard School, University of Michigan, Michigan State, Hope College and many more.


Pre-Professional students must register as a Fully-Enrolled Student, attending a minimum of required classes per week; an additional 1-3 weekly rehearsal hours are required for students accepted into Company or Competitive Ensemble and may include weekend and evening hours. Rehearsal schedules will be provided in advance. Students must commit to a season (12 months, August 2023-May 2024) of dance studies at MADC.

In order to maintain good standing in the Program, students must adhere to all Program requirements, including consistent attendance, demonstrable technical/artistic growth and at least a ‘B’ average in their academic studies (K-12 students). .